Integration with Amazon Web Services

Integration with Amazon Web Services is via <

Requires boto3.

Odin Contrib AWS includes:

  • Integration with DynamoDB. Dynamo versions of fields, resources (Table) and querying

Dynamo DB

Tables can be defined using extended Resources, this provides an interface for table creation, save (put) items, query, scan and batch operations. Querying is performed either using raw parameters (as used by Boto3) or using a SQLAlchemy style fluent interface.


from odincontrib_aws import dynamodb

class Book(dynamodb.Table):
    class Meta:
        namespace = 'library'

    title = dynamodb.StringField()
    isbn = dynamodb.StringField(key=True)
    num_pages = dynamodb.IntegerField()
    genre = dynamodb.StringField(choices=(
        ('sci-fi', 'Science Fiction'),
        ('fantasy', 'Fantasy'),
        ('biography', 'Biography'),
        ('others', 'Others'),
        ('computers-and-tech', 'Computers & technology'),

session = dynamodb.Session()

# Save a new book into a Dynamo DB table
book = Book(
    title="The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy",

# Scan through all books in the table (this method is transparently paged)
for book in session.scan(Book):


This is development in progress to use Odin for defining and verifying SQS messages.