Integration with Django

Integration with Django is via baldr.

Baldr includes:

  • ResourceField for saving a resource to a Django model.
  • Field resolver for Django models, this allows you to map between Django models and Odin resources.
  • RESTful API implementation using Odin resources.


This is a field that handles serialisation/deserialisation of Odin resources from a database. Data is serialised as JSON. It is basically a Django django.db.models.fields.TextField with the additional required option resource.


class MyModel(models.Model):
    my_resource = ResourceField(MyResource)

Field resolver

By including baldr as an application in Django the field resolver is automatically registered. From there you can write mappings between Django models and Odin resources. Set either the to_resource or from_resource fields to be Django models and that’s it.


One of the powerful features of Odin is validation of data that is loaded. This makes Odin perfect for handling RESTful API’s.

todo:Expand on capabilities.