Mapping between resources

Defining a mapping

Given the following resources:

import odin

class CalendarEvent(odin.Resource):
    name = odin.StringField()
    start_date = odin.DateTimeField()

class CalendarEventFrom(odin.Resource):
    name = odin.StringField()
    event_date = odin.DateTimeField()
    event_hour = odin.IntegerField()
    event_minute = odin.IntegerField()

A mapping can be defined to map from a basic Event to the EventFrom:

class CalendarEventToEventFrom(odin.Mapping):
    from_resource = CalendarEvent
    to_resource = CalendarEventFrom

    # Simple mappings (From Field, Transformation, To Field)
    mappings = (
        odin.define(from_field='start_date', to_field='event_date'),

    # Mapping to multiple fields
    @odin.map_field(to_field=('event_hour', 'event_minute'))
    def start_date(self, v):
        # Return a tuple that is mapped to fields defined as to_fields
        return v.hour, v.minute

When a field name is matched on both resources it will be automatically mapped, for other fields mappings need to be specified along with a transformation method or alternatively a method with a map_field() decorator can be used to handle more complex mappings.


Both simple mappings and map_field() can accept multiple fields as input and output, although care must be taken to ensure that the transformation method accepts and returns the same number of parameters as is defined in the mapping.

Converting between resources

Once a mapping has been defined the Resource.convert_to() or Mapping.apply() are used to convert between object, in addition Mapping.update() can be used to update a existing object:

# Create and instance of a CalendarEvent
>>> event = CalendarEvent(
    name='Launch Party',
    start_date=datetime.datetime(2014, 01, 11, 22, 30))

# Convert to CalendarEventFrom
>>> event_from = event.convert_to(CalendarEventFrom)
>>> event_from
<CalendarEventFrom: example.resources.CalendarEventFrom resource>

>>> event.to_dict()
{'event_date': datetime.datetime(2014, 01, 11, 22, 30),
 'event_hour': 22,
 'event_minute': 30,
 'name': 'Launch Party'}

# Or use the mapping definition CalendarEventToEventFrom
>>> event_from = CalendarEventToEventFrom.apply(event)

# Or update an an existing resource = 'Grand Launch Party'

>>> event.to_dict()
{'event_date': datetime.datetime(2014, 01, 11, 22, 30),
 'event_hour': 22,
 'event_minute': 30,
 'name': 'Grand Launch Party'}

# Similarly the mapping definition can also be used
>>> CalendarEventToEventFrom(event).update(event_from)